The GRGS Educational Trust was established on 11 May 1994. The function of the Trust is to provide funds for the education, betterment, advancement in life and general well-being of the pupils and staff in perpetuity of Gordon Road Girls’ School and to establish a special fund in the Republic of South Africa to receive donations to be used exclusively for the Gordon Road community.



Aims in the Pre-Readiness Years (Grade 00 & Grade 000)


  • To provide your daughters with the necessary skills required for the Grade R year.
  • To slowly integrate her into the specialized activities offered in the Grade R year.
  • To introduce concepts such as body image, colour, shape and number spontaneously and naturally.
  • To offer children the opportunity in an informal way, to develop gradually on a physical, cognitive, language and socio-emotional level.
  • To foster a feeling of independence in each and every learner.


Grade  R (Grade 0) Aims


  • The development of a feeling of self worth goes hand in hand with all future success and learning through the school year.  The main focus in our daily programme is therefore to promote a positive self image in each and every one of our little girls.
  • To provide a stimulating School Readiness programme where group work is encouraged.
  • To provide each girl with the opportunity to develop holistically in order that she may cope without undue stress in a formal learning environment.
  • To provide opportunity for ‘hands-on’ learning where children learn through their senses and kinesthetically.
  • Above all to develop a “love” of learning and to understand that school should be the “Best Party” in Town.

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