Homework Centre

Homework Centre & After Care Facilities


Homework Centre Facilities are available Monday to Friday (14:00PM to 17:00PM) for Learners of Gordon Road Girls' School. After Care Facilities for Grade 000 - 00 - R are also available Monday - Friday (12:00PM to 17:00PM) for Learners of the Educational Trust Pre-School. Should you wish to make use f these facilities, please contact our Admission Secretary on (031) 303 2628 for more information.


Please note the following arrangements will apply in 2018


Grades 000, 00 and 0 will be in the room in the garden of the Preschool until 16:55 PM each day.  The telephone number for the Trust House is 031-3039868.  Girls who have not been collected by that time will be taken over to the main school to The Shed (Old Music Room) where they will be left with the Senior Homework Centre teacher who will be on duty until 17:00 PM.  We make use of the little gate next door to the swimming pool.  There is good parking and easy access.  Please use the intercom to announce your arrival and close the gate behind you once you have entered.


If you are going to be late please contact the teacher on duty in The Shed on the following number:  031-3032628.


If your daughter is not going to attend Homework Centre, we do need a letter or a phone call needs to be made.


Kindly inform us if your daughter is going to be collected by a friend or a different member of your family.